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Northamptonshire Orangery
A truly wonderful conservatory
Terrace view nearing completion
Interior views 
Drone View.jpg
Drone View

Some Construction Views

Wollaston valleys finished.jpg
Photos kind permission of Mr Griggs

We were approached by the clients architects to take forward their approved planning scheme and turn it into reality as part of a major refurbishment of their wonderful home with commanding views across the Northamptonshire countryside. The orangery is a very large building being 10.6m square on plan and over10m from ground to top of finial which is nearly 1m tall. Built from a combination of Stamford Stone, painted hardwood, steel and aluminium and being fully double glazed throughout. The curved bars were specially designed by me and were extruded out of aluminium which was then bent to a specific radius. The large steel beams were also bent to the same radius and these form the main support for the huge 6m square roof lantern. Each huge curved sealed unit weighed 65kg and had to be lifted into place by crane which took just over 2 weeks. Outside is solid stone but inside the columns are timber and have been painted by a specialist to mimic the stone - you have to tap it to know it's wood! To put things in perspective each fanlight in the roof lantern is the size of a normal house door! Hidden within the columns is a steel portal frame all out of sight. The valleys, where it connects to the house with the wonderful balcony, and the hips are elliptical which caused a lot of head scratching but worked beautifully. This is truly a wonderful but complicated building in a wonderful location with very understanding clients and great use of our 35 years experience on these buildings.

The Dome

The clients brief was for an elegant glass room they could entertain in and be accessible via the kitchen of their magnificent old rectory in Nottinghamshire. Working closely with their German architect and after agreeing details the dome was borne.

Copy of EPSN0011.JPG

The elegant interior shows the complex detailing to the cupola which weighed nearly half a tonne. The sides also incorporate decorative leaded lights within the sealed units.


The building has 28 facets and is double glazed throughout with toughened safety glass including the special curved roof units making a spectacular statement - construction on site was fun as can be seen from these pictures taken while it was being built. The roof bars are from extruded aluminium using a section specially designed by me.


Pictures by kind permission of Alison Smith.

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